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I'm new here

Wanted to say hello, I just registered for an account here. I like to learn more about the drones. My friend does well in life and bought a submarine drone.
When I saw that I was envious but inspired at the same time. Why couldn't i just do that? So I started working hard for 2 years and finally managed to scrape the money together and actually buy my first inspire 1. I flew some drones before from this guy: BesteDroneKopen, so I already knew how to fly a drone before buying that insanely expensive Inspire 1.

I also got the DJI Care plan so when I crash it, it should all be good. Anyway. I really want to join some racing one day when I'm more professional in flying a drone. Thanks guys looking forward to more!

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Welcome, tylerzen! Inspire1 is a great choice, and good call on getting the care plan with it. Look forward to hearing more about your adventures with the Inspire1 and hope you find useful information here!