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Red Hubsan X4 H107C

Number of Arms/Wings: 
Run Time: 
5-7 minutes
Additional Info: 

This is the newer model with the 720p camera.

As recommended by others who had gotten into flying drones before me, I chose the Hubsan X4 H107c as my first beginner drone in order to get my feet wet and learn how to pilot.
As a complete beginner who had never flown a drone before, I went through 4 or 5 battery charges before I started getting used to the controls and could fine tune my movements more accurately. 

As the Hubsan is quite small, it tends to drift around easily, and it takes a bit of work with the controls to get it to hover in place. While this probably makes it harder to fly than a larger drone, I'm sure it's making me a better pilot! In the meantime, flying with the propellor guard on is a must. In fact, on my first flight out of the box, I crashed it into everything in sight, so I would recommend putting the prop guard on as the first step for any new owner. Having said that, this quadcopter is resilient and has already handled many collisions without malfunctioning.

Pre Assembled Kit: 


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